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About Us

Export Marketing - developing overseas markets for the red meat and livestock industry.

The AHDB Beef & Lamb and AHDB Pork Export Department’s main aim is to increase exports of red meat, offal, edible co-products, processed meat and livestock genetics by developing existing markets and creating new opportunities worldwide.

 AHDB Beef & Lamb ( and AHDB Pork ( are divisions of the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (

The AHDB Beef & Lamb and AHDB Pork Export Department provides red meat exporters with information and general advice on overseas markets, conducts market research and helps in establishing an initial contact with potential buyers. In addition, the Export Department produces marketing materials, mainly brochures, leaflets, CDs and posters in various languages to promote red meat on a global scale.

In order to achieve a worldwide presence and continue to drive growth in established markets, the AHDB Beef & Lamb and AHDB Pork Export Department is constantly expanding and improving its network of overseas offices and agents. Currently we have offices and representatives in the following major European countries: France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Ukraine and Greece.

The AHDB Beef & Lamb and AHDB Pork Export Department works closely with Defra and the UK Export Certification Partnership (UKECP) to open or re-open Third Country markets for UK products.

Why are red meat exports so important to the economy (view video)?

  • Exports create external demand for domestically produced red meat, this helps to boost prices and stimulate the growth of the home market.

  • Exports add value by identifying new markets and opportunities for better carcase utilisation, for instance, a higher value can be obtained by exporting a wide variety of cuts to a large number of markets.

  • Exports create opportunities for the fifth quarter (offal and edible co-products), which are still largely untapped but have huge potential for English producers

  • Exports optimise prices by assisting in determining prime markets for high value cuts.

Meat Export videos

AHDB Beef & Lamb regional managers took a group of key influencers within the livestock industry to Salon International d’Agriculture (SIA) to demonstrate the work AHDB is doing in the French market. View the SIA 2016 - AHDB Beef & Lamb in Paris video.

View the AHDB Beef & Lamb and Pork at Anuga 2015 video where government minister George Eustice and AHDB chair Peter Kendall talk about the importance of exporting homegrown produce.