AHDB helps beef up export trade agreement with Hong Kong


The Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) has helped secure an expanded agreement to ship a wider range of beef cuts to Hong Kong.

It will enable the UK to export more boneless and bone-in beef cuts from cattle of all ages, including manufacturing beef, and help the UK build on its existing trade relationship with in the Far East.

Agreement was reached after discussions between Hong Kong’s Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) and AHDB, working in conjunction with Defra, the Food Standards Agency (FSA), the UK Export Certification Partnership (UKECP) and other interested parties. It also followed a successful FEHD inspection visit to the UK which was coordinated by the AHDB.

The import of boneless beef, excluding offal from cattle less than 30-months-old, resumed in June 2009, while bone-in beef exports for specific cuts resumed in 2012.

Dr Phil Hadley, AHDB head of global supply chain development, said: “We’ve enjoyed a good beef trade to Hong Kong since 2009 when the original agreement was reached. This was, however, limited to a certain number of cuts and ages of cattle.

“The new agreement is a significant step forward for our beef trade, broadening the opportunities for our exporters. It is the result of us consulting with industry and working collaboratively with Defra, the FSA and UKECP, amongst others.

“Hong Kong is an established market for premium products and we’ve made great strides in the region. This agreement will enable us to expand our offering and help exporters cultivate the potential in this market.”