Red Tractor Pork


  • 93% of British Pigs are independently farm assured against animal welfare, feed quality and environmental standards.
  • UK pigs are fed a natural non-mammalian diet based on grain or by-products from the food manufacturing industries.
  • Exporting Pig Abattoirs are assured for food safety, food hygiene and animal welfare.
  • Abattoirs have the skills to cut, pack and label to your and your clients specifications.

Red Tractor Mark for Pork

The Red Tractor scheme is managed and operated by Assured Food Standards.

AHDB Pork endorses the Red Tractor Standard for the production of pork, bacon or ham through to the point of retail. Packs that carry the Red Tractor Pork, Bacon or Ham logo are your guarantees for:

Assurance – From farm to fork, there is no weak link in the Red Tractor Pork supply chain. Individual assurance schemes not only cover pig farms and feed but also livestock transportation, the slaughtering process and the production methods for sausages, bacon, gammon and ham. In addition, there are compositional standards that control the ingredients used in the curing process.

Welfare – In order to carry the coveted Red Tractor Pork mark, farmers must observe over 130 standards relating to pig husbandry and welfare at all stages. These range from the design of pig accommodation to staff training, health monitoring, feed, pig transportation and overall pig management. All of these are independently assessed to ensure a healthy environment for pigs.

Traceability – Knowing exactly where your food comes from is key to the Red Tractor scheme. It ensures that food packing companies provide detailed records at every stage of production and allow independent inspectors access to their premises for regular checks. As a result, all Red Tractor Pork products can be traced back to farms.

Peace of Mind – Red Tractor Pork is produced to high standards all the time. Each element – feed, farm, transport, abattoir and processing - is inspected by independent auditors at least twice a year. Plus Red Tractor Pork farms are inspected four times a year by specialist pig vets as well as annual spot checks by independent auditors. If a farm isn’t up to scratch, its Red Tractor certification will be taken away.

Country of Origin – The Red Tractor Pork logo provides an independently verified guarantee of origin. When you see the Union flag in the logo, you can be sure the pork has been reared on UK farms – not just processed in the UK. No doubts, no compromise.

See the Red Tractor website for more information.