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Meat Purchasing Guide, Lamb and Beef

The Meat Purchasing Guide was developed by AHDB Beef & Lamb for retailers or caterers purchasing meat, the Guide works in conjunction with the Cutting Specification Manual to help provide suppliers with their exact specifications for beef, veal, lamb and mutton cuts. 

Please note that material posted on this site after 10 June 2015 will be branded as AHDB Beef & Lamb.  Existing digital material will continue to remain available under the EBLEX brand.


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 Meat Purchasing Guide - French 

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 Lamb Purchasing Guide - Spanish

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Beef, Lamb & Mutton Purchasing Guide for the Export Market - with translations


Bulgarian   Chinese    Czech      Danish   Dutch


 French    Greek     Italian    Portugese    Russian   Spanish



Beef and Lamb Purchasing Guide for Offal and Variety Meats

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Pork purchasing guide for Pig Offal and Variety Meats



Lamb Cutting Guide for the Halal Market - French translation

The Lamb Cutting Guide contains step-by-step instructions demonstrating how to cut each different section of the carcase using butchery methods used in the Halal sector. The guide is also available in French and can be downloaded by clicking on the French flag below.



PDF file | View guide online


 Cutting Specification Manual by Species - French

Beef            Lamb                  Mutton